Our History

Ericksen Textile began in 1909 as a small company in Momence, Illinois. Cotton mesh  minnow seines were the chief product of Ericksen at that time. These seines were sold under the trade name “Common Sense”.

Very soon this little company in a small-town Momence became the largest manufacturer of seines, fish nets and basketball goals in the United States - and remained so for 30 years.

The Shurkatch Fishing Tackle Corporation began in 1899 in Providence, Rhode Island. In August 1936, Mr. Frederick S. Doolittle moved the company to Richfield Spring, NY.   During World War II, it produced hundreds of thousands of emergency kits for the Navy, the Merchant Marines and the Air Corp which may have saved many lives.  It manufactured items such as wood minnow and artificial lures, minnow seines, landing nets, fish spears, rod holders, frog spears, and all sizes of fish gaffs.

The Douglas Net Company purchased the assets of Ericksen Textile November 9, 1982. On August 24, 1999 the assets of the Shurkatch Corporation were purchased by Douglas Net Company and moved to St. Anne, Illinois. These two well known companies are still producing the best products on the market.  To our customers, we pledge to you good service - second to none - high quality products and competitive prices. Thank you for your interest in our products and your loyalty to this company. A special thanks to Mr. Paul Hubartt for all his support and work for this company over all these many years.

February 2006 The Maryland Net Company of  BAltimore Md. was purchased by Douglas Net company and moved to St. Anne , IL..   Nets from Maryland Net Co. are considered standard equipment  by baymen who know that the only standards  that really count are high quality, low price and time-tested ability to bring  home the catch. 


Kelly P. Douglas